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We Are Global Money Consultants

By way of background, Global Money Consultants S.A. is an established and reliable provider — since 1985 — of offshore, onshore and international company formation services. Our client base is diverse and includes consultants, expatriates, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, corporations, legal and accountancy professionals and also individual clients.

Our services include:

• Assisting clients to establish offshore and onshore companies in a wide range of jurisdictions
• The provision of nominee directors and nominee shareholders and secretaries and Registered Offices
• Assisting client companies in the opening and administration of bank accounts
• Company administration and management services
• Procurement of offshore trusts and offshore foundations
• Registration of commercial vessels, pleasure boats and aircraft in various offshore and onshore jurisdictions

At Global Money Consultants we are at the service of the international business community and we take pride living up to our motto: “The Offshore Specialists”. Learn more about us by visiting our website HERE.

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