About Ebanq

EBANQ® — Online Banking Redefined

EBANQ® is the most user friendly white-label online banking software app on the market. It is a turn-key solution for Banks, Neobanks, Electronic Money Institutions, Payment Institutions, Remittance Companies, Asset Managers, Cryptocurrency Exchanges and anyone else managing client accounts.


  • Turn-key white-label banking software
  • Online in 24 hours with your own brand
  • Modular, scalable and future-proof


The EBANQ banking app loads fast on all devices and works great with all major browsers. No additional investment required for Mobile Banking.


You can easily customize the EBANQ Online Banking Software by uploading your own logo, changing colors and icons, achieving your own look and feel in seconds.


Cloud technology, microservices and modular architecture. Scalable and future proof to meet your requirements whether you have five end-users or five million.

They have a simple philosophy at EBANQ: Online Banking should be user-friendly, beautiful and clean, without sacrifices being made with regard to security and functionality. To paraphrase the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, “Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union”. Most out-of-the-box online banking software platforms look like they were designed by programmers rather than designers (because they were), adopting the design trends from the early world wide web. The administrator’s interface is usually even more depressing and cluttered than the end-user interface. And if your customers try to access those online banking systems on a mobile device, things get even more miserable.

EBANQ’s designers are true artists, and work closely with their programmers to ensure that form does not follow function, but rather that form and function become one. The result is EBANQ, clean, modern, and fast loading. EBANQ was built using microservices and a completely modular, future proof and scalable architecture.

You can get instant demo access to both the administrator and the end-user interface HERE.

Learn more about EBANQ HERE.

More info about the pricing of EBANQ (and all its variables and additional features)
can be seen here.

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