Full Package

Our Full Package

Swedish Trust, U.S. MSB, U.S. Statutory Trust, EBANQ

The cost for a complete package with all three entities complete with EBANQ Core Option A would total EUR/USD 75,000. Fees specified per entity package can be found below.

Our Swedish Trust Company package includes:

● Company Registration Certificates in Swedish and English
● Registration as Fiduciary/Trust Company in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of 2017 (AML Compliance)
● AML/CFT Policy and Compliance Program
● Trust Deed Templates for the Creation of Unlimited Trust Accounts

Our MSB Package includes:

● Company documentation in English
● Registration with IRS for Employer Identification Number (EIN)
● Registration with FINCEN as Money Service Business (MSB)
● AML/CFT Policy and Compliance Program
● Resident Agent and registered office fees (year 1)

Our Connecticut Statutory Trust Package includes:

● Statutory Trust Deed, Certificate of Trust etc in English
● Registration with the Secretary of State
● Registered Agent and registered office fees (year 1)
● ‘Bank’ in the registered name (if required)

The above three entities (Swedish Trust, U.S. MSB, Connecticut Statutory Trust) are being offered en bloc with the EBANQ Core Option A and its Server setup & deployment.

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